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What to do? Decide on priorities, clearly understanding that you are “proving” not to teachers, but to yourself. And not even your high qualification, but theability to overcome a rather formal obstacle. Exactly: an understanding of the formality of the procedure often helps to remove a lot of internal dialogues:

“I can not write”

“I can’t protect”

“I was overwhelmed”

“What if something happens”

You have already “unlearned”, invested a lot of at least time. Are you really ready to send the cat to the tail all of your huge investments just because for halfa year already a fairly formal procedure will allow you to completely devalue your investments, efforts, hopes, plans?

Studying at the university, in its principle, is a traumatic and stressful process. A person who was a child yesterday is loaded with knowledge in such a way that he has never been loaded before and will never be loaded after that. Such an active accumulation of information and its, at least partial, “digestion” occurs only once in a lifetime. Therefore, if you now feel yourself in a state of stress, it is quite logical and legal.

Very much important: allow yourself to “slow down”. If you “slow down” and even blame yourself for this, the “inhibitory” process will only increase in time. Tell yourself:

“Yes, I’m braking now, I don’t want to do anything, I can’t do anything, I don’t want to write a thesis, and I allow myself to do nothing exactly a week. to think about a thesis work, and not what to write it. Not a single thought about a diploma from now until that hour, such a day The best option would be to rest at the very beginning of the graduation process. Rest in the truest sense: a journey. You just need to leave the environment from which you are tired or even not tired, but changing the situation is the best thing to do. Change the situation on the one in which the least you will think about the thesis work. For a week, for example. Having a good rest, your ventilated head itself will be asked to write a diploma!