Term paper outline

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The main part begins with the first theoretical chapter. Material for writing you can take:

Download a similar work from the Internet and completely recycle it. Good work in public you will not find, so you have to sit on it. The disadvantage of such a material is that it will not be original. And you have to improve originality. There are different ways to increase originality, you choose for yourself suitable for your conditions.

Use the most recent publications: textbooks, monographs, scientific articles, theses, etc. They can be found in the library or on the Internet (there are paid). Plus the fact that the text of the course will be original.

After writing the first chapter, at the end you need to write a conclusion. In order to write a conclusion, you need to take the most important of the first chapter and briefly describe it as a thesis, summarizing the first chapter studied.

Conclusions for all chapters are written on the same principle.

The second chapter of the course work. Theoretical coursework. It is done, as 1 chapter. Just do not forget, do not deviate in content from the plan (content) of the course work.

If the course work is practical, the second chapter will begin with a description of the object of study (enterprises, organizations, institutions). Such a description can be taken from the Charter of the enterprise. Or from the official site. In the second chapter it is necessary to include economic indicators in the form of tables (financial statements). In fact, Chapter 2 is information about the company, indicators for the last 3 reporting years. It describes the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise.