Term paper examples

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Take your gradebook, look through it carefully and gently, and remember all your dynamics during the years of study:

What were you like when you came to university

How did you change every semester after the summer holidays?

What special courses and disciplines have become the most beloved, and which completely disliked?

Which teachers will you remember all your life and why? . Make a list of your competencies, but not an easy one. It is based on the acquired theoretical knowledge and qualification skills. What is your specialty called? Write down the name on a piece of paper, do not be too lazy to make a plate with three columns. If you write by hand, you will need 2-4 sheets.

The proposed study will help you:

sum up the actual results of study

understand “who you are and where you are now”

may inspire the choice of topics for the thesis

In the end (what is already there!) Ask for personal training. It does not hurt! It’s fun. Not only that: you can train a little “deceive” and sign up for a demo session, it is free.

Probably the most important and basic: “I am a Student” and “I am a Graduate Student” these are two different functions and two different stories.

Often, a student cannot “get out” of his student status or vice versa he rushes too quickly to the status of a graduate student, as a result he does not end up either there or there. If there are problems with awareness of their status, determine for yourself:

How are you in student status different from you in diploma status?

How are you in the status of a graduate student different from you in the status of a student?

List everything that comes to mind: from the simplest formalities, to your appearance and fantasies preferably through reality.