Term paper example

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The collection of theoretical material can take from a month to two. You should realize that during this period the library is your best friend. Taking thetopicof your thesis, you should scroll the name to it from all sides, look for synonyms.

From theoretical material it is important to look for not just sources, but authoritative sources. The most valuable source is a monograph. Themoremonographs written on your topic, the better. Ideally, you need to study at least 2-3 monographs. You can also search for monographs on a similar topic to your work, for example, a lawyer can familiarize himself with a monograph by a psychologist, a sociologist, etc. depending on the topic of the thesis.

The next authoritative source is the dissertation. If you can not find adissertation, then it ispossible to use thedissertation author’s abstract. At the sametime, the dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Science is more valuable than the dissertationfor the candidate of science.

After the dissertationsand abstracts, you should study textbooks, manuals on the selected topic. But textbooks should not be especially relied upon; they are not particularly appreciated by the examination board. But the textbooks have a valuable thing, the textbooks contain a list of references thatyou can use.

Anotherimportant source of information in the theoretical part are magazines. Logs on the profile is desirable to explore everything. But for the thesis does not need to study journals for the entire period, the main thing to see the journals over the past two years.

Especially it is necessary to dwell on the legislation of the Republic ofBelarus. The legislation of the Republicof Belarus, for a lawyer is the primary source ofinformation. It is possible to study the legislation of the Republic of Belarus through information legal systems or specialized legal websites. It is importantto track news of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus in your topic, because your supervisor or examiner will certainly be aware of the latest changes, and if they will not, then knowledge of new products will only be to your advantage.

Comments on the legislation is important not only to read, but also be sure to study. Comments may be published in a special compendium, or containedin the ruling of the plenum of the SupremeCourt of the Republic of Belarus, or in the ruling of theplenum of the SupremeEconomic Court of the Republic of Belarus.