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This option is also possible: I studied five years. How can? I already know how, I know everything! A thesis is garbage. This is not interesting because it is too easy!

“If you can do everything, you know everything, and a thesis is uninteresting and simple garbage, then what’s stopping you from writing it twice as fast as the dean’s office measured you?” She is simple. Especially protect yourself faster than others.

Do you feel some kind of contradiction? On the one hand, a diploma is easy. On the other hand, it turns out that it is not so easy if it cannot be written and protected. In addition, no one bothers to take a monstrously complex topic and show all their skills. If you definitely need, for example. But not always necessary.

Is it too easy to defend a thesis? OK, protect, show “the highest class”!

Back to priorities About priorities. Answer yourself: what is the most important thing for you in defending a thesis?

“Good” teachers, supervisor, who are stupid than you?

Leave your mark in the history of the university, as the author of the best thesis for half a century?

Faster and least painful to complete this study history already?

Write and defend so that you like, first of all, you?

Take the maximum pleasure from the creative process, in which it will be interesting not only to you, but also to your supervisor?

Something other?

At the stage of searching for motivation, all means are good. Of course, of those that are environmentally friendly (safe for you, for the supervisor and other people).

What can motivate you?

What would you like to motivate yourself?

How did you motivate your study initially, for example, when choosing a university or specialty? (If parents “forced you”, then for parents a diploma and protect. This is also a motivation)

What can you personally inspire in general and in particular (write a thesis)?